Why pay more for the identical seat in flights or room at hotels? If pricing and quality service is important to you, then NaviBon is here to help.

*Please note that pricing shown on the site is NaviBon's retail pricing and not the heavily discounted prices which can only be viewed when logged in with a Corporate account.

Unbeatable Prices - Globally:

NaviBon is cheaper than leading competitors in over ​82%​ of bookings, with discounts up to33%, with an average of 17% lower prices for Flights and Hotels.

We offer travel solutions at unbeatable low prices for our corporate clients, ​with no signup or monthly costs​, your company gains access to cheaper travel within 24 hours of applying.

To qualify for a ​FREE account​, your company is required to:

  • Book an average of $4 000 per month (or an average of $90 000 annually, combined for company/staff bookings), or;
  • Have a staff complement of 25 employees or more, and;
  • Pay by credit card, or make regular pre-payment bank deposits in line with your booking volumes. No payment required to open the account.

Hotels & Flights:

NaviBon offers its customers an extensive range of Flights and Hotels. Currently, our offering included over ​1 million Hotels​ and ​1 000 Airlines​, with more being added on a regular basis.Virtually all known brands of Hotels and Airlines can be booked, in addition to many quality operators that you've probably never heard of.

Employee Benefits:

Give your employees access to reduced travel rates - an additional ​benefit at no extra cost​.Your company even has the option of​ earning a commission​ on every booking made by staff or their family members.

Deposit Discount:

We offer corporate clients who opt to make bank deposits, instead of paying with a credit card, an additional 2.5% discount​ on ​all​ bookings.

Comprehensive Service:

Exceptional service by our Account Managers and experienced Travel Agents. Whether you require assistance with placing a booking, or travel advice, we're here for you ​24/7​.

Advanced Booking System:

User-friendly​ booking platform, with advanced functionality, reports and much more. Easily search for millions of rooms or flights, and ​place bookings in seconds​. Assign one or an unlimited number of users in your company who have access to the account and can make booking with ease.
Pay in ​USD, AUD, GBP, ZAR or Euro​.

To apply, please complete the form below. Qualified businesses are usually approved and ready to place bookings within 24 hours.